Delivery in Private label format to Jordan

Delivery in Private label format to Jordan

As part of our cooperation in the Private label format, we delivered honey to Jordan. At the request of the buyer, honey is packaged in a container made of natural wood with individual engraving. Inside, wooden barrels are treated with natural beeswax, so that honey is not absorbed into the wood, and moisture does not penetrate into the composition of honey, but they allow air to pass through. Thus, the product enclosed in such a dish can “breathe”. In addition, the barrels do not allow light to pass through, which is one of the main conditions for proper storage of the product.

A wooden barrel should only be made from deciduous trees. Our barrels are made exclusively from Linden wood. The top of the lid is sealed with wax to maintain tightness, while the honey does not leak out and is easy to transport.

Each jar has passed a personal inspection and is Packed in a film.

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