About us


Geographical location

The Medovz brand was created in 2015 in Ufa, the capital of the Republic of Bashkortostan. This Sunny region, located in the vast expanses of Russia, among mountains, forests and meadows, lakes and rivers, has long been famous for honey production, and to this day is not inferior to anyone! Annually Bashkiria holds the record among Russian regions for honey production, this figure is approximately 6 thousand tons of commercial honey.
The company’s goal: to Preserve and convey to the buyer the original taste of real monoflora and polyflora honey.
The company’s mission: to promote natural honey from Bashkiria.
Our company was created by a man who once became interested in studying the useful properties of honey and other bee products. A deep analysis of the Russian market has made it clear that this area in Russia is not sufficiently developed and in 2015 Emil salavatovich Akhtamyanov registered as an individual entrepreneur in order to work in this area.

 The company’s long-term plans include participation in the congress organized by the World Federation of Beekeeping Associations “Apimondia”, which will be held in 2021 in Russia, the Republic of Bashkortostan, in the city of Ufa.


Modern production

The company’s production complex is located in Ufa, the center of Bashkortostan. This allows you to control the quality of honey.


We select the most comfortable terms of cooperation for each customer and accompany them at all stages of delivery.

Formed network partners

During the operation of the enterprise, a whole network of partner apiaries located in different regions of Bashkiria has been formed.

Quality of our

All products purchased by our company for further sale pass quality control at all stages of processing.